Listening to Waterloo – get involved

We’re pleased to be supporting Dalton ward councillors, who are aiming to find out what citizens think of life in Waterloo. They are really keen to hear from citizens and find out what would improve Waterloo for all who live and work there.

Listening to Waterloo is encouraging people to think about their unique local place and share their experiences and ideas. To do this, people will be using a tool called the Place Standard. This is a way of helping to get conversations going about any place (it could be your street, neighbourhood or town), by using some simple questions.

The activities in Waterloo are running from 2nd to 31st July 2021.

The more people who take part, the more insight the councillors will gain about what really matters to people in the area. Citizens can take part online, but a letter and a printed copy of our questionnaire has also been sent to all households in Waterloo, along with a freepost return envelope. You will receive our letter in the first week of July 2021.

Dalton ward councillors hope the results will give a voice to local citizens, including those who might not be active in civic life, and encourage more people to get involved in shaping the future of their local place.

Find out more and get involved:

Listening to Waterloo