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Your Voice in Netherton and South CroslandYour Voice in Netherton and South Crosland

15th February to 14th March 2021

Netherton and South Crosland Community Group are working to find out what really matters to you in your local place. You can take part online or via the post now, then find out the results later in the year.

Upcoming activities

Look out for activities in Waterloo, Thornhill Lees and Ravensthorpe this summer.

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Our PlacesOur places

Want to find out what’s been happening in local places and see what people said about their place? On this page you can find all the places where people have got involved so far, listed by Neighbourhood and by Ward. We will add the latest results to this page as we get them.


We’re working with citizens and colleagues to make sure that everyone has a stake in the place where they live, work or visit. Read our latest blogs to find out more about how citizens, local organisations and Kirklees Council are working together in our places.

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