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In July and August 2019 members of Meltham Town Council, local volunteers and staff from Kirklees Council were out and about in Meltham, Helme and Wilshaw. We struck up conversations with citizens whilst you were at community groups, meetings or local venues. We also held some drop-in events and offered home visits or the option of taking part online.

Ask Meltham results

What happened next?

Meltham Town CouncilMeltham Town Council have been using what we learned to make sure that our planning reflects the priorities identified by Meltham residents, businesses and local groups. We hosted a drop-in session at Meltham Carlile Institute in October 2019 for the community to see the results and give their views on what the priority actions should be. A working group of Meltham town councillors and Holme Valley North ward councillors then created an action plan, which we’ve updated since are now sharing here.

Ask Meltham Action Plan (PDF)

Since April 2020 nearly £8.5k has been allocated by Meltham Town Council to develop actions resulting from Ask Meltham. This includes £1,500 for local campaigns

We can use the information to support bids for grant funding for the Meltham area. The information can also be used by other organisations in Meltham, as part of ongoing conversations about the area.

Ask Meltham timeline

Where: Meltham, Helme and Wilshaw
When: 6th July to 17th August
Results published: October 2019
Action plan published: March 2022

Organised by: Meltham Town Council, supported by Kirklees Council

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Drop-in activities

Ask Meltham results event – 9th October 2019

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