Listening to Waterloo

How do you feel about where you live?

We’d like to ask you some questions about what life in Waterloo is like. We’re looking for your views. We know that people make great places, so we’d like to ask how you feel about being here. We would have loved to ask you in person, but with the current situation being as it is, we want to respect social distancing measures and not put anyone at risk.

Your Dalton ward councillors are working together to find out what really matters to you in Waterloo. You can take part now, then find out the results later in the year.

Where: Waterloo
from 2nd July to 30th September 2021

Listening to Waterloo is organised by your Dalton ward councillors.
It is supported and funded by Kirklees Council.

How to take part

There are two ways to take part.

Take part online

The quickest and easiest way to take part is to complete our questionnaire online.

Take part online

Take part in a local conversation

We’re organising some sessions in Waterloo in September 2021 where you can come along to talk with us about what life in Waterloo is like. We’ll share the details here as soon as we can, and we will also write to residents to let you know the details.

Take part by post

We posted a letter and a printed copy of our questionnaire to all households in Waterloo in the first week of July 2021, along with a freepost return envelope. There’s still time to return your completed questionnaire. If you’d like to request a printed copy (for you or for someone you know), you can email us at:

What will happen next?

Kirklees Council will help to analyse what everyone has told us. We’ll then share the results, both in Waterloo and online. Your Dalton ward councillors will use what we learn to help create an action plan for your area. We expect to be able to share what we learn later this year.

We’ll try to organise a meeting where you can hear what people said about Waterloo, and we’ll share information online.

Contact us

If you need any help taking part, please phone 01484 221000 (Kirklees Council) and ask for Cheryl Reid, or email:

Get the results

The results will be shared via this website and in Waterloo. Please sign up for our email list if you’d like us to send you the results:

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