Ask Shepley results

Volunteers from Shepley have been using a tool called the “Place Standard” to have conversations with citizens, local organisations and businesses about life in Shepley village. You can hear from some of the volunteers in this 2 minute video:

Who participated?

Volunteers from the village and staff from Kirklees Council talked to groups, individuals,
businesses and young people. The discussions took place in community venues, on the
streets and at drop-in events at Shepley Library.

People taking part in Ask Shepley


citizens took part in the conversations


Place Standard assessments were completed

What did people say about their place?

Have a look at our results summary and scores to see what people said about Shepley:

Ask Shepley results summary (PDF)

Ask Shepley score sheet (PDF)

If you’d like, you can also look at the results in more detail by downloading our data:

What happens next?

Anyone who is interested can come along to one of the “Time to Decide” sessions in July 2019, organised by the Ask Shepley volunteers, to see the results and help decide what happens next:

Ask Shepley – Time to Decide

Volunteers will then use the results to help create a village plan. This will say what people think about Shepley now and will make some suggestions for the future. Action planning will start in the Autumn for the Shepley Village Plan.

Using the Place Standard in Kirklees

We’re using the Place Standard in Kirklees as part of our commitment to focus more on conversation and less on consultation – so that everyone can have a stake in the place where they live, work or visit. It’s part of our work to grow a stronger local democracy.

Why we’re doing it

Councillors are at the heart of our work in local places. In this video Cllr John Taylor shares his experience of using the Place Standard in Shepley: