A guide to Place Standard communications

We’re supporting communities across Kirklees to use the Place Standard to have conversations about our local places. We’ve created this guide to help everyone do this.

Support with citizen engagement

The first step is to share your planned activities with the Citizen Engagement Reference Group. This is a forum set up by Kirklees Council which staff and partner organisations participate in. The Reference Group meet every month and provide advice and support for citizen engagement activities in Kirklees. All activities should be shared with this group.

Citizen engagement template (Doc)

Please send your information to: Vina.Randhawa@kirklees.gov.uk

Communications guide

This two page guide for partners explains how we’re using the Place Standard in Kirklees, what support is available from Kirklees Council, and what we ask of partners:

Communications guide for partners (PDF)

This checklist is designed for Kirklees Council officers who are facilitating Place Standard activities in our local places, working with our citizens, councillors and partners. The checklist gives a detailed timeline, so that we can keep communications activities on track:

Communications checklist (PDF)

You might also find this information useful:

Activities on Involve – 3 step guide (PDF)

Place Standard live timeline (GoogleSheets)

Tips and templates

  1. Use our standard sign in sheets during training sessions and drop-ins, including the option for participants to be added to our Democracy in Kirklees email list:

    Signing in sheet with email and photo consent (Doc)

    Signing in sheet with email consent (Doc)

  2. As part of introductions or training sessions, make sure we tell our local story (why we’re using the Place Standard in Kirklees and what’s happened so far). Here’s a presentation which includes some of our story and local examples:

    How we’re using the Place Standard in Kirklees (GoogleSlides)

    Always include our web and twitter links in any presentations:




  3. Share current printed promotional materials about Democracy in Kirklees during any sessions in local places, and make these available for local venues and volunteers.
  4. Use our results template:

    Place Standard results template (Doc)

  5. Use our action plan template:

    Place Standard action plan template (Doc)

Key messages

Please include these key messages in your meetings and as part of any training sessions, to help participants understand the reasons for our approach, how this contributes to our local democracy, and how to describe the activities to others:

We know local identity really matters to our citizens – our towns, villages and communities are the strength of Kirklees, and people have asked us to do more to recognise this.

Citizens have asked for ongoing conversations, not stop-start consultations. This is about helping citizens to start that conversation, and about continuing it together.

We want everyone to have a stake in the place where they live, work or visit.

We are working in the open, so that everyone can see what we’re doing. This helps more people to get involved. You can help by being in photos and taking photos.

It’s part of our work to grow a stronger local democracy in Kirklees, from the ground up


For support with Place Standard communications please contact:


This guide was last updated on 24th March 2022.