Batley town centre – ‘Next steps’ results

During July and August 2021, Batley ward councillors and Kirklees Council staff learned what local people think about Batley town centre, through the ‘Batley – Our town centre’ activities.

We published the Batley – Our town centre results in December 2021 for everyone to look at. Ward councillors and council officers also wanted to make sure that more local people had the opportunity to contribute as the work progressed.

In February 2022, we held a workshop at Batley Town Hall to discus the results and to work with local people to prioritise what is important to them. We also sent a letter to all households in Batley to let people know about the next steps. This included the option to complete an online questionnaire, which was shaped by what we’ve learned from participants so far.

Who participated?


people took part in our ‘Next steps’ activities in Batley


people have taken part in ‘Batley – Our town centre’ overall

At the workshop, 16 local people joined ward councillors and council officers to discuss the results summary. 741 people completed our ‘Next steps’ questionnaire. 568 of these were returned through the post. 68 of the people who complete the questionnaire had also taken part in the ‘Batley – Our town centre’ activities in 2021.

What we’ve learned

Through our workshop and responses to the questionnaire, we’ve been able to confirm what citizens told us and we’ve established what local people’s priorities for action are. We’ve also learned more about issues in Batley town centre. 

The main priorities people identified are:

  1. Reducing anti-social parking in the town centre.
  2. People feel that there needs be more police presence.
  3. Working together to deal with litter.
  4. People feel strongly about a local Market.
  5. People want to influence decision making locally.

Over the next few months we will be working with council colleagues, the local community and partners to develop ideas. We’ll then publish an action plan.

Next steps for ‘Batley – Our town centre’ results summary (PDF)

Batley – Our town centre

Our Local Centres – Masterplans

Batley is one of several local town centres to each be receiving investment of £1.5m from Kirklees Council. The results from these conversations mean that we have a better understanding of the needs of people in the town. Thank you to everyone who has got involved.

To support investment in each of the town centres, Kirklees Council are also developing a masterplan to identify areas where significant growth and revitalisation can happen. This is important for the future, so that we can meet the demands of new and existing communities.

We will continue to work in partnership with ward councillors, local communities, businesses, developers, and voluntary groups to inspire and encourage new investment into local towns.

Our Local Centres Programme

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