How do you feel about Huddersfield town centre?

Everyone has their own experience of a place. How do you feel about Huddersfield town centre now, and what are your hopes for the future?

Staff from Kirklees Council and local volunteers are out and about in the town centre from 8th July to 18th August 2019. We’re asking how people feel about visiting, working in or living in Huddersfield town centre.

We’re talking to shoppers, visitors, residents, businesses, students and local organisations.

The Place Standard score wheelWe’re using a tool called the “Place Standard”. This is a way of helping to get conversations going about any place (it could be your street, neighbourhood or town), by using some simple questions.

What people tell us will help to inform decisions about what happens next in Huddersfield town centre. We’ll publish the results online so that anyone who has an interest can find out what people said and make use of what we learn.

The results will be considered as part of the next stage of The Huddersfield Blueprint, which is a ten-year vision to create a thriving, modern-day town centre.

If you use Huddersfield town centre, please take part in the activities to let us know how you feel. You can find out more on our web pages:

How do you feel about Huddersfield?