Golcar ward results

We tested out a tool called the “Place Standard” in the Golcar ward in July 2018. This is a way of helping to get conversations going about any place (it could be your street, neighbourhood or town), by using some simple questions. It’s part of our commitment to focus more on conversation and less on consultation – so that we can make sure everyone has a stake in the place where they live, work or visit. Why we’re doing it

The Place Standard is already widely used in Scotland, to help citizens and organisations talk about places. You can hear some feedback from citizens of Golcar in this 2 minute video:

Who participated?

Members of staff from Kirklees Council and KNH talked to groups, individuals, businesses and young people in Golcar, Milnsbridge, Longwood and Cowlersley. The discussions took place in community buildings, on the streets, in school playgrounds and in shopping areas.

Longwood participants


citizens took part in the conversations


Place Standard assessments were completed


What did people say about their place?

Have a look at our results summary and score sheet to see what people said about Golcar, Milnsbridge, Longwood and Cowlersley:

If you’d like, you can also look at the results in more detail by downloading our data spreadsheets:


What happens next?

You can hear more and discuss the results at this ward forum meeting as part of Local Democracy Week 2018:

Golcar Ward Forum
Tuesday 9th October, 7pm to 9pm
The Elms, 78 New Street, Milnsbridge, HD3 4LD

The Golcar Ward councillors (Cllr Christine Iredale, Cllr Hilary Richards and Cllr Richard Murgatroyd) are already following up on some of the issues raised.

For example, citizens said that local councillors are very visible in the area, but members of local businesses didn’t know how to make contact with ward councillors. So the Golcar councillors will be visiting businesses in the area to introduce themselves, to discuss some of the issues people raised and to let businesses know about local forums they can engage with.

Councillors also plan to do some further engagement in Cowlersley in the future, as there were only two Place Standard assessments completed in this area during the pilot.

Kirklees Council are now putting together a plan for how the Place Standard could be used elsewhere in Kirklees to help us engage with our citizens in a way that you find meaningful and relevant.