The Big Local Conversation in Ashbrow

How do you feel about where you live?

We’d like to ask you some questions about how you feel about life in Deighton, Sheepridge, Fartown, Bradley, Cowcliffe and Fixby. We’re looking for your views.

Look out for your Ashbrow ward councillors, volunteers from local organisations and staff from Kirklees Council. We’ll be out and about in the local area from July to October 2019. We may strike up a conversation whilst you’re at a community group, meeting or local venue. There will also be some drop-in sessions (we’ll be sharing more details soon).

Where and when:

  • Deighton and Sheepridge – July 2019
  • Fartown – July to August 2019
  • Bradley – August to September 2019
  • Cowcliffe and Fixby – September to October 2019

Organised by Ashbrow councillors and local volunteers, supported by Kirklees Council

Drop-in activities

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What will happen next?

Volunteers will use what we learn to help create a plan for the local area and for the whole of the Ashbrow ward. This will say what people think about the area now, recognising strengths and successes, and will make some suggestions for the future, based on the key priorities of people who take part. The results will be available in the new year.

Get the results

The results will be shared via this website and in Ashbrow. Please sign up for our email list if you’d like us to send you the results:

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