Listening to East Bierley – results event

Thursday 7th October from 7pm to 8.30pm
Zoom meeting

Over 150 people took part in Listening to East Bierley. Come and join our online Zoom meeting to find out more about what people said, talk about what we’ve learned and help decide what happens next. We’ll be discussing the initial findings from what people of East Bierley village have shared. We’d like to encourage everyone to come and join us to hear the results.

We’ll open the Zoom meeting from 6.50pm, so that you can get settled and say hello, then we’ll start the meeting at 7pm. You can join in here:

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Results summary

If you can’t make it along to our Zoom meeting, you can have a look at the Listening to East Bierley results summary online. We’ll also be sharing updates in the village.

Listening to East Bierley results summary (PDF)

“We were really pleased that people took the time to give us their opinions about what life in East Bierley village is like. We all love the village, but it’s clear from people’s responses there is a desire to continue making it better for everyone. With the support of our local councillors and council officers, we’re pleased to be able to begin responding to what we’ve learned. We can use the results to help us focus on what really matters to us here in the village.”

Rodney Holroyd from East Bierley Village Preservation Society

“My ward colleagues and I have been very pleased to work with East Bierley Preservation Society on Listening to East Bierley, and we’re grateful to everyone who took the time to participate. We now want to share the results with you, which show what people’s priorities are for the village, and talk about how we can work together to further improve what is already a beautiful village.”

Cllr Liz Smaje, Birstall and Birkenshaw ward

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