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In May 2019 volunteers from Pride in Linthwaite and staff from Kirklees Council were out and about in Linthwaite. We struck up conversations with citizens whilst you were at community groups, meetings or local venues. We also held some drop-in events and offered home visits or the option of taking part online.

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What will happen next?

Pride in LinthwaitePride in Linthwaite volunteers will use what we’ve learned to try and make things better. The group are working on an action plan for Linthwatie and Cowlersley, and there are opportunities for citizens to get involved. Pride in Linthwaite will be sharing more information locally and are keen to encourage more volunteers. You’ll also be able to share your feedback on the action plan.

To find out more and get involved please contact:

Luke Stockdale
Pride in Linthwaite
Tel. 07769 2022252

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Where: In and around Linthwaite village

When: 7th to 31st May 2019

Results published: September 2019

Organised by: Pride in Linthwaite, supported by Kirklees Council

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