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We asked you about Shelley

In October 2019 volunteers from the village, supported by staff from Kirklees Council, were out and about in Shelley. We struck up conversations with citizens whilst you were at community groups, meetings or local venues. We held some drop-in sessions and offered home visits or the option of taking part online. Paper copies of our Ask Shelley sheets could also be handed in at McColls.

Ask Shelley results

What happened next?

Shelley Community Association are using the results to help review the Shelley Village Plan. They organised a session to share the results, where people were asked what actions to focus on, based on what we’ve learned (this happened on 10th February 2020).

The working group have divided up the themes and actions for further work, exploring what could be feasible to do and identifying who they need to work with.

We’ve worked together to create an action plan:

Ask Shelley action plan (PDF)


To find out more and get involved please contact:

Ann Priestman of Shelley Community Association. Email:

Ask Shelley timeline

Where: In and around Shelley village
When: 8th to 24th October 2019
Results published: January 2020
Action plan created: Spring 2020

Organised by: Shelley Community Association and supported by Kirklees Council.

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