Ask Meltham – results event

Ask Meltham drop-in event
Wednesday 9th October from 11am to 7pm

Jubilee Room at the Carlile Institute, Meltham

Over 700 hundred people took part in Ask Meltham. Come and find out what participants said and what happens next. The initial findings from our conversations will be displayed at a drop-in event at the Carlile Institute. We’d like to encourage everyone to come along and see the results.

Town Mayor, Councillor Kate Buchanan said:

“Meltham Town Council will use what we learn to make sure that our planning reflects the priorities identified by Meltham residents, businesses and local groups. We can use the information to support bids for grant funding for the Meltham area. The information can also be used by other organisations in Meltham, as part of ongoing conversations about the area.

“None of this would have been possible without the support of our amazing team of volunteers who went out and had the conversations with Meltham residents, visitors and businesses – a big thank you to everyone involved.”

The detailed results will also be available on this website for everyone to see.

Ask Meltham

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